Lucky Patcher v6.9.9.2 APK download for Android download

Lucky Patcher v6.9.9.2 APK for Android

Lucky Patcher v6.9.9.2 APK For Android Smartphone. Download Latest version of Real Lucky Patcher v6.9.9.2 APK For Free

How To install The Lucky Patcher v6.9.9.2 APK Tool:

Open up the apk File on your device and install the Lucky Patcher Too

How to remove license of any app using Lucky Patcher v6.9.9.2 APK :

  • Open your app drawer on your android device and open the lucky patcher app. A list of apps installed in your phone will appear.
  • Next click on the app you want to remove permissions.
  • Then Click Open Menu of Patches => Remove License Verification => Auto Modes => Apply

How to remove adsusing Lucky Patcher v6.9.9.2 APK:

  • Follow steps 1 and 2 mentioned under the heading “How to remove License Of Any App”.
  • Then Click Open Menu of Patches => Remove Google Ads => Patch to remove Google Ads => Apply.

Lucky Patcher for Android

Important Notes

Mod Info of Lucky Patcher v6.9.9.2 APK:

Removed all languages except English, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian and Polish.
Optimized and compressed all graphics.
New year icon.
It is signed not by the original signature.

WHAT’S NEW in Lucky Patcher v6.9.9.2 APK:-

– Modded Google Play 7.8.74 to InApp ver.7 updated;
– Support patch for Inapp updated;
– Cyclic addition of a custom patch from lpzip fixed;
– Bug’s fixed;
– Translations updated.

– Modded Google Play to 8.9.24 updated;
– InApp Billing by modded Google Play to ver.7 updated (need install new modded GP for work);
– Support InApp Billing ver.7 for Google Play;
– Proxy server for Google Play updated to InApp Billing ver.7;
– Magisk Manager excluded from xposed hide list;
– Mirror for Google Play inapp service removed (method too old and not work for modern apps);
– AdsBlockList.txt updated;
– Bug’s fixed;
– Translations updated.

– Proxy server fixed for new version Google Play;
– Bug’s fixed;
– Translations updated.



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