What is 404 error and how to fix it?

What is an error code 404?

404 error
404 error

404 error: Most likely, you’ve clicked on a link from a website, only to receive a”404″ error. A 404 error is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) status code that indicates the server could not locate the site. There are many kinds of errors like the 404 error which can be seen within WordPress which you must be aware of when you begin. WordPress is a fantastic business platform that you can utilize to build your site however, as with any other business platform there are a few pitfalls as well. This article provides a detailed explanation of WordPress issues and tools. SEO Design Chicago can help you with any concerns concerning WordPress problems.

WordPress Errors

WordPress is a free marketing CMS that is written in PHP. The CMS has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. Due to this growing popularity, There are a variety of WordPress mistakes to be aware of. There are many commonly encountered WordPress issues and the best way to solve them:

404 Page Error

Error 404 is among the most frequent errors encountered within WordPress. This error indicates to users that the server was not able to find the page you requested. The 404 error may occur even though the page requested is accessible, but it is typically linked to broken links and altered URLs. The 404 error can be caused by the permalink settings of WordPress. In WordPress, the user is able to browse different sections of their website like the admin section. This error can be fixed issue by changing your permalinks within settings, or by changing the default settings for permalinks. The steps needed to solve this particular error are:

Make sure you have not created any custom post types or single pages that share identical names. If you discover that they do, you can rename the page that is single.
Log into your WordPress administrator screen. There, you can go to Options > Permalinks. After you have selected the default URLs you want to use, then save them, then select your desired URLs. After this, you should have the problem repaired.
Error Establishing Database Connection
The error in establishing the database connection is a sign that your connection to the database has failed. There are many causes for this error, for instance, issues with your hosting server, compromised website as well as an issue with your wp-config.php file.

The best way to resolve the issue will depend on the root of the issue. If the issue stems from servers hosting your website, contact your WordPress hosting service provider about the issue, and they will tell you if your database is having issues in connection with your server. If your hosting provider does not detect any issues on the server-side proceed to solution two.

The next option you need to look into is the wp-config.php error in the file. To access the file, use FTP or the file manager. Verify that the information in the database is accurate. If there is any error make it right. If there is nothing wrong then move to the next step three.

With WordPress being among the most popular open-source platforms, it is not without reason that security risks are likely to be present. WordPress is a potential target for hackers. Security tools are an excellent method of scanning your WordPress site to identify hackers. If your site was compromised, you should change your login information.

404 error
404 error

white Screen of Death

The death-like white screen error appears as blank white screens. The issue in this particular error is the fact that it doesn’t provide the user an error message or isn’t able to tell you how to fix the problem.

One of the possible causes is a memory limit that is exhausted or a poorly written theme or plugin.

In order to fix the issue of memory being exhausted, it is necessary to increase the limit of memory. To raise the WordPress limitation to 64M open your wp-config.php file and then add the following line of code that reads:

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64m’);

If you find that the WordPress issue isn’t linked to memory limits the issue could have something to have to do with the plugin or with them. In order to fix a badly coded theme or plugin you’ll need to switch your theme over to the default theme, and then disable all plugins. After you have disabled the plugins, verify if the white screen of death is still visible.

500 Error on Internal Server

A 500 server internal error can be yet another frequent issue for WordPress users. Some of the reasons for this issue are:

The PHP memory limit is exhausted. PHP memory limit
Corrupted .htaccess
Corrupted plugin functions
Theme functions that are corrupted
To resolve the limit on memory to fix the memory limit, do the same as you would with the black display of death.

In order to fix the corrupted .htaccess issue, you’ll have to modify your .htaccess file. After editing the file, you can refresh your site. If this solves the issue you can save the modifications by selecting settings > Permalinks.

If the problem persists even after making changes to your .htaccess file, you’ll have to verify your plugins. For this, you’ll need to remove your plugins. In order to do that, go navigate to the menu of plugins, and then install plugins. Then select “deactivate” in the dropdown, then click apply, and then refresh the page.

If the plugins failed to resolve the issue, then change the wp_admin and wp_includes folders by installing the WordPress installation.

Lost Password and Admin Retrieval not working
Everybody forgets their username and password at some point. You may have had an occasion when you clicked on the forgotten password link but then never received the reset link within your email. If you’ve received a lost administrator and password retrieval has not working There are many options to correct the issue.

The first option is to change your functions.php file by visiting the file manager and then adding the following section of the code

wp_set_password(‘DesiredNewPassword’, 1);

After the code, enter your new password in the place where “DesiredNewPassword” appears.

Another option can be to change your email address and password with the phpMyAdmin program. This can be done by connecting to your Cpanel and clicking on phpMyAdmin. Edit your wp_users table, by adding a new value to the user_pass.

Connection Timed Out

If you encounter this WordPress problem with connection timestamps, it’s generally caused by an overloaded shared server. Some solutions include raising the PHP memory limits, deactivating plugins, and then removing the one which is causing the issue or changing to the standard WordPress theme.

Memory Exhausted Error

The WordPress Memory exhausted error creates a white screen of death or fatal error warning. The problem is typically caused due to the use of a WordPress extension or script that exceeds the memory limit of the default WordPress plugin.

To resolve to fix WordPress problem with memory exhaustion, you’ll have to raise the PHP memory limit. This is outlined on the white screen of death error.

Unavailable for scheduled maintenance Error

This WordPress error could occur as a result of an incomplete or delayed update. To resolve the WordPress problem, it is possible to could either update manually your WordPress installation or delete your files by navigating to the file management section of your computer.

404 error
404 error

WordPress Tools

If you’re looking to create a WordPress site for your business that makes it easier for users to access and maintain your site You’ll have to add tools and plugins. When you begin your business with WordPress, there are numerous plugins and tools available that can help you achieve a successful business. The plugins listed include:

WordPress Forms The plugin allows a WordPress contact form that is user-friendly to make it simple for your visitors to connect with you.
MonsterInsights The plugin allows you to connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics.
WP Rocket WordPress Rocket lets you instantly boost the speed of your WordPress speed.
Beaver Builder: Beaver Builder allows you to alter the look of your website and pay layouts by the use of code.
CSS Hero CSS Hero lets you modify WordPress themes without having to write code.
Pretty Links Pro: This is an excellent tool for managing links on WordPress which lets you organize your hyperlinks.
Shared Counters The sharing of your site via various social platforms can be essential as Shared Counts make it simple to integrate social sharing buttons into your site.
WPML In case you’re looking to quickly create a multi-lingual website, WPML could assist.
WooCommerce WooCommerce is a fantastic eCommerce plug-in for WordPress. It comes with all the features you require to set up an online store for your site.
LiveChat: If you are looking for simple ways for live chat to be integrated into the WordPress web page, LiveChat has one of the top live chat support tools for your company website.
Apart from WordPress plugins, you can also use many WordPress business tools available:

Grammarly It’s an excellent grammar tool that you can use to improve the WordPress website.
PublishPress: If you require assistance in managing the editorial process within WordPress, PublishPress can help.
Antispam Bee: If you’re looking to enhance your WordPress comments section, and also reduce the spam that your site receives the plugin will work great.
Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop allows your company to design blog thumbnails and images to use with your WordPress content.
Are you ready to start With WordPress?
If you’re brand new to WordPress or are an existing user of WordPress and are struggling with problems this article will give you the basics of how to correct WordPress issues that may occur. For more assistance or to resolve any questions, you are having about using WordPress Contact SEO Design Chicago. We have a team of professionals trained to are available to assist you to create a successful WordPress site for your business. Should you require help in the design aspect or writing aspect that comes with WordPress for your site, SEO Design can help.

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