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App Cloner, it’s fully compatible. When you use DualSpace with other rendered usages, WhatsApp won’t crash. We assure the stability of WhatsApp, so you can use it fluently.

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Did you switch accounts much within the same app?

Is it possible to keep your WhatsApp accounts online on fresh than one phone in case you miss a dispatch?

Play Of This App

It’s now possible to use Dual Space! With it, you’ll be good to resolve your problem! Regardless of how multiplex accounts you’re logged into, you’ll always be connected to them all at the same time! In addition, since the accounts will each work solely and won’t obtrude with one another, there will be no problems taking dispatches or storing data between them.
By rendering your favorite apps, you can breed replications that are identical to the originals while still performing the same functions. So, on the same Android device, you can have two different accounts inside the same app.

Because DualSpace has such an easy-to-use interface, it’s really easy to use. The DualSpace interface will show a list of compatible employments. From the list, you can cherry-pick your chosen app and it’ll be exhaustively functional in just multiple seconds.

The tool not only allows you to use multiple Whatsapp accounts at the same time but can also be used to play split-screen games on the same device with a friend.

There’s no restriction on how legion social media accounts you can log into at once.
Having coexistent access to your individualized and professional accounts online makes it easier to balance life and work. Virtually all social apps can be used in Dual Space as a spare account.

Copycatted exercises& isolation zone

Have you ever been allowed about creating your own secret account that can not be established? Dual Space enables you to bring about a secure, private zone on your phone system. The account will be hidden, so you can be sure that no one can see your private data.
Twin Space uses technology to replicate usages together. Due to the lack of more apps, you have to install, your phone runs really fluently!
Fast switching between accounts is possible with a single key
With a single key on your phone, you can freely switch between two accounts, allowing you to manage two accounts effectively.


Our tool software has been probed for multiplex spans, and we’ve developed a service that allows multi-user logins and ensures stability.
The operation of the interface is straightforward.
It uses little energy and doesn’t take momentous processing power.
By rendering all usages you can double-click any usage.

App Cloner

What we see

The licenses we requested in order to ice the duplex space rendered usages work duly have been applied for as multiple times as possible. Several apps that depend on Dual Space won’t be capable to enter the camera if Dual Space isn’t permitted to acquire a camera allowance. Binary Space is committed to bulwarking your aloneness.
A Bad Contagion Warning may be displayed in some antivirus programs because the Dual Space column is asking for allowances. You shouldn’t have to worry about toxicants with Dual Space, so if you run into this issue, please don’t worry.
Please add innumerable boost apps to Dual Space’s whitelist in order to ice that communiqués work duly for some reduplicated apps.

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