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JUNE 25-26, 2022

ISSE Long Beach 2020 Exhibitor List
ISSE Long Beach 2020 Exhibitor List

ISSE Long Beach 2020 Exhibitor List: ISSE 2022 is the largest expert beauty exhibit over the westerly coast, or we are back in Long Beach on June 25 & 26th. Our professional beauty attendees are returned in accordance with commercial enterprise and searching for the brand! 

Licensed professionals, salon or spa owners, students, yet enterprise influencers join after the ride the auspicious the enterprise has in conformity with an offer: progressive education, the most modern trends, merchandise from the industry’s government brands, or latter connections!

“International Beauty & Cosmetic Industry Trade Fair”
International Salon + Spa Expo (ISSE) is an international tribune because Salon, Spa, and splendor enterprise professionals, cosmetologists,s then instructors. ISSE brings thou the trendy trends, freshest products, and instruction in accordance with building thy career and your business. The tournament also conducts seminars and conferences after teaching the visitors then cosmetology students, yet fortify their abilities or advantage via hands-on demonstrations. This match is a must-attend because of all spa salons, cosmetics, and beauty industries. Must go with because of beauty trends, personal seriousness products, packaging, settlement manufacturing, wellness, hair, nails, skin, or make-up artists. This is the biggest match into professional beauty up to expectation permits site visitors in conformity with hold the age of theirs lives and enjoy the spa, pools, yet lousy outside activities than learning beside enterprise professionals.

Safety AT ISSE

ISSE 2022 wish follow every federal, state, or regional training or adhere in conformity with somebody’s COVID obstruction mandates between places on the day of the event. 

Proof of vaccination and a poor COVID check is required because of entry. 24 hours because of an Antigen check and forty-eight hours because of a PCR test. 
It will be demonstrated together with a structure concerning identification
Masks are required whilst indoors
Uploaded your credentials at some point of think label purchase according to ignore sake lines
Contactless badge printing then self-service kiosks are handy onsite
Hand sanitizer is provided at every entrance
Increased cleaning and sanitization on high-touch surfaces in the course of the event

Why Attend

Event Overview:

Produced by means of the Professional Beauty Association, the International Salon & Spa Expo Long Beach (ISSE) is the largest cash-and-carry, professionals-only beauty event concerning the West Coast. ISSE is done in accordance with the gradual increase in the beauty industry, presenting the industry’s close sought-after professional tools or products than the nearly relevant industry discipline available.

ISSE Long Beach 2020 Exhibitor List
ISSE Long Beach 2020 Exhibitor List

About the PBA:

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is the largest and just inclusive professional employer representing the beauty industry. We are present in accordance with elevate, unify yet adore the beauty industry then the gurus to that amount enhance people’s lives. Visit probeauty.org or name 800.468.2274 (480.281.0424) after examining more.

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