How to Fix the Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected?

What exactly is Syntax Error? WordPress?

Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected
Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected

Before we get into the details It’s important to know that if you suspect your website is experiencing this issue, but it’s not alerting you or an error message, the reason may be the case that your WordPress reporting may be switched off.

To avoid being in this situation, we suggest you ensure that you have your WordPress error debug on. In that case, you re-learn how to fix the error in syntax.

The term “syntax” implies that things should be done in a specific sequence. In other words, if you make one tiny error in the code of your website such as missing a comma or curly brackets, incompatible variables, or incorrect names for functions or anything else that’s not intended to be there may make the compiler incapable of parsing (process) the file and, consequently, show your site.

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These types of errors are typically encountered in PHP scripts. It can happen when users attempt to alter files or upgrade themes or plugins.

While the error might be tiny, their impact is significant in light of the nature of the error they create causes your website to be inaccessible to both you and your visitors. On the other hand, the message that is displayed with the error will inform the exact location to take a look to find the cause. So you won’t spend hours trying to figure out the issue.

Even if the message reveals which error occurred it is still important to know at the very least one technique you can employ to fix the issue. This is exactly the topic we’ll be discussing in the following section of this post.

Repairing the Error

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Fortunately, getting rid of the issue isn’t much of a task. It can be accomplished in just two steps. The first is identifying the issue and the subsequent one is changing or correcting the defective piece of code.

Do not worry, we’re going to do it in one step. So let’s jump straight into it!

Step 1: Locate the corrupted file

So the first thing to determine is the root cause of the issue. That means we must identify the file and which part of code inside the file gives us a difficult time.

As we’ve mentioned before the message which informs you that you are in error comes with specific details. The information includes the complete path of the file that is containing the error, and also the exact code line where the error appears.

In the photo below, you’ll see an example of a syntax error.

syntax error

Step 2: Repair the File using an FTP Client

Once you’ve identified the best place to look for the problem, it’s time to get rid of it to get your website functioning once more.

The best way to make this happen is to use an FTP client for you to be able to access the server. Once you’ve completed this, you can begin the procedure of fixing the file that has been corrupted, which is a simple process.

All you need to do is utilize your FTP client to open the corrupted file, then right-click on the file, and select Edit/View.


The file that is corrupted will be opened within your standard text editor.

Fix WordPress syntax error

After you have the file opened, locate the code that you were warned of within the message of error.

If you come to the error-prone line of code however you are unable to determine precisely what it is, use these guidelines for advice:

There is only an opening () within a single document

Check for processes that were splintered by different ones

Be sure to include the “;” at the end of every line.

Have a look at your quotation marks, and make sure to double-check whether they’re in the correct format. The correct format in PHP is single or double quotation marks, that are not italic.

Make sure you balance your parentheses. This means that you should ensure that each open parenthesis is closed.

You can also try using something similar to the PHP code checker, which will look through your code to find any PHP syntax errors.

If you spot the problem and then delve deeper into what the issue is it is, you have the option to either remove the code completely or alter it in a way that it functions effectively.

In certain cases, the issue can be resolved by taking out the line. Be cautious with this as it could cause problems of its own.

Once you have made an agreement on what you want you to want to do, and have completed the necessary modifications in your program. The code files should be saved. Close it and then reload your website to ensure there isn’t any error evident.

The problem isn’t going to go away? Turn off plugins and themes

If the problem started occurring after you updated or activated the theme or plugin and it was not working, that could be the reason.

In this instance, the most effective way to fix the issue is to turn off all your themes and plugins. Of course, there is options of performing this manually, but how do you accomplish things by hand?

Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected
Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected

The quickest and most convenient option is to utilize something similar to WP Reset.

WP Reset

The WP Reset WordPress plugin that allows debugging, testing, and resetting a piece of cake. With it, you’ll be able to deactivate the plugins and themes you use with just one click, and then they will be removed from your website within a matter of minutes.

Option to delete plugins

This plugin can be extremely helpful in situations where you’re attempting to fix an issue that has blocked you from your administrator dashboard.

Why? The plugin is equipped with”the Emergency Recovery Script which will allow you to remove plugins from your website, even if you do not are able to access it.

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