Earn Money From Savyour App-Make Money Online In Pakistan

Savyour App: We’re Pakistan’s first and only cashback app! Earn cashback when you shop! You can earn thousands of bones just by shopping through our app at your favorite online retailers. We’re Pakistan’s first and only cashback employment. In addition to offering the dressy deals and abatements from over 250 aboriginal brands, as your aboriginal attendant to shopping online in Pakistan, Savior gives you a wealth of choices from the world’s dressy brands in fashion, grocery, beauty, and electronics.

Savyour App

Affiliate Brands

With Savior and its branch brands, you can view real-time echelons and reviews of close online businesses as well as select from constantly contemporized deals and offers. Having an eye for savings and being sophisticated as an advertisement becomes easier whenever you explore more.

Savyour and its consorts integrate their branch programs
With the savyour branch consort app, you can bed a handshaking canon that works in synchronization with acknowledgment of admitted or consigned information. The Savyour app tracks every order that an akin addict places, consigning a set of information every time.

Keep it Update

Make sure you submit a fresh review only one review per business is allowed. Also, a review must be written within the erstwhile two cycles. People will be capable to determine if certain businesses or brands will work well for them grounded on that. Upon after visits, you may contemporize your review, therefore. Further, we will blue-pencil old reviews (over 6 months old).

With this, you won’t only lower the costs on every deal, you’ll also earn back the capitalist that you spend. Regardless of how important or how little you order, you’ll enter cashback.


See which online retailers offer the stylish deals

Cosmetics& peculiar care

Grocery stores and stores

Women ’s fashion

Electronics and mobile phones

The following particulars are available Books, media& stationery
Gifts& Events

Cars and tires

You can earn cashback by doing online shopping

Earn 20% cashback on every sale when you defend online at your favorite online stores within the app.

Savyour App

Deep pocket Bag

Keep up-to-date with any changes to your handbag, and enter announcements when cashback is entered into your handbag. Get a detailed overview of your available balance, duration and pending cashback, and earn cashback by transferring Croesus through Savyour grip. Further, the cashback will be transferred into your bank accounts or mobile grips incontinently through SMS advertisements.

Businesses can be rated and reviewed

Before ordering from your favorite brands, read positions and reviews of the business. We’d love to have your own review of a business! Our shopping judgments will be smarter if we work together!

Referrals are the semi-formal way to make have!

By pertaining your cronies to Savyour, you’ll take an offer ofRs. 150 on both your and your friend’s first purchase ofRs. 1000 or other. You can invite an unlimited number of pals, so grow your prices and get to relating!
With Savyour, you’ll find great savings, earn cashback, and earn unlimited referral tips. Get smarter with your shopping now!

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