Types of cheekbones: low cheekbone vs high cheekbone

Types of cheekbones: low cheekbone vs. high cheekbone

Types of cheekbones
Types of cheekbones

Types of cheekbones: When you look in a mirror, the question pops to mind: What kind of cheekbones do you have? Are they suited to appear gorgeous? or if you are looking to get a different kind of cheekbones that will give your face a more youthful appearance. What are the best steps to consider?

To achieve more attractive cheekbones first be aware of the many kinds of cheekbones are there? What are the best ways to attain your dream cheekbones? To answer all of these answers, you must understand the significance of cheekbones to make your appearance more attractive?

How do you define cheekbones?

Beauty is subjective to everybody. Everyone wants to appear elegant and attractive. When it comes to making your face attractive your face’s appearance is a major factor. For instance, cheekbones are crucial in enhancing your appearance. The cheekbones make the face more noticeable.

It’s a well-known phrase

“Beauty is in the eyes of the observer.”

In normal language, these are referred to as zygomatic bones or malar bones. They are a bone pairs that lie on the lower or upper facial surface. They belong to the frontal and temporal, sphenoid nasal cavity, and mandible. They are located under the eye sockets as well as beneath the skin that lies in the middle of the face.

How many kinds of cheekbones are there?

The cheekbones play an important part in determining facial expressions or creating a great first impression. There are a myriad of myths surrounding cheekbones and how they determine the character of men. Your character largely is determined by your ethnicity as well as your genetics. In general, there are generally six kinds of cheekbones that are listed in the following paragraphs:

  • High cheekbones
  • The cheekbones of the lower jaw are low.
  • Protruding cheekbones
  • Uneven cheekbones
  • The cheekbones of the prominently shaped cheeks
  • The cheekbones are flat or sunken.

High cheekbones

Someone will have high cheekbones if the area is situated close to the eye sockets. The people with high cheekbones usually live throughout Asia Africa and hunters who spend their entire life in the wilderness. This is due to the fact that their cheeks are stretched with high cheekbones.

High cheekbones are the following traits that have been attributed to myths that were spread by old people: attractiveness confidence, strength and the high rate of reproduction among women, and how fortunate they are!

More attractive personality

High cheekbones make people appear more appealing and attractive to females and males. This is due to the fact that high cheekbones extend the face upwards and upwards, making your face appear more attractive. Many Hollywood famous people have cheekbones with a high profile which are loved by everyone to a great extent. Angelina Jolie, Katharine Hepburn, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Heath Ledger are included.

According to studies according to research, the most attractive faces are generally those with a high cheekbone.


They are the first ones to be perceived as trustees. They tend to be secret-keeping people and are able to keep a variety of things secret. A study conducted by the University of New York in 2014 revealed that people who subconsciously have a high cheekbone are associated with credibility.

High vigor and insight

They are regarded as more intelligent, insightful, and possessing incredible power in America. In Asia, they are regarded as being a more committed and courageous person. They are thought to be more active and full of energy. They are very accountable in their work.

Estrogen level

Women with high cheekbones are regarded as having a high concentration of estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone of reproduction that indicates the fertility of women. Women who have an elevated estrogen level are attracted by the natural world and also the viewer’s eyes. The cheekbones that are high generally reveal the true story of estrogen. This is why these women appear more attractive.

This is why women are favored who have a high cheekbone due to their higher fertility rate.

Level of luck

Usually, cheekbones do not determine how fortunate you are? According to the experts who advise, it happens to occur at a certain age, 46 to 47, and it affects your eyes during the middle of the age range.

The cheekbones of the lower jaw are low.

If your cheekbones are located in the lower part of your nose bridge, or near your nose, then you’ve got low cheekbones. People with soft cheekbones tend to gain strength in middle the age of. But, they’re generally less appealing and appear less reliable than cheekbones with a higher incline people.

People who suffer from depression are usually suffering from depression and, in order to complete a task, they require a push. They’re unmotivated and appear to be apathetic, are lonely, and are awed by their personal space. However, they are sensitive and mostly dwell in fantasy.

Protruding cheekbone

They’re slightly stretching out cheekbones. People are generally smart and educated but have a low standard of living. They are always busy and strategic throughout their lives. They are powerful people.

Types of cheekbones
Types of cheekbones

Uneven cheekbones

There is a high cheekbone on one side and the other has a of the cheekbone is low in this kind. People with this type of problem have a lot of trouble, having to face numerous life-threatening challenges. They can be vulnerable in positions of power and luck. They could be faced with many problems with their marriages throughout their lives.

If they have a lower cheekbone, it is a sign of their position in a fight. If the cheekbone is low and is on the left side, it could indicate a decline in power.

If there is an elevated cheekbone in the upper right, explain the powerful experience that was short. If the cheekbone is on the left you should show a broad perspective in the courtroom.

The cheekbones of the prominently shaped cheeks

They’re perfectly placed cheekbones. They symbolize the power of fame, fame, and remarkable successes in the world of work. People who have this type of cheekbones have the qualities of leadership to possess outstanding potential. They are modest, but a little confident. They are typically considered to be trustworthy with regard to important information.

Sunkencheekbones or flat cheekbones

They’re not precisely precise or appear to be missing cheekbones whatsoever. They signify a lack of energy and a lack of confidence. They lack the courage to take on the world, usually more formal and logical. They lack a feeling of accountability and attain only mediocre levels of success. They’re terrible leaders and are weak-minded individuals.

Where can you find the cheekbones of your face?

To find out which type or cheekbones are you sporting? It’s not rocket science involved. We will describe it in a few steps:

  • Place your thumb on the point in your ear ( the cartilage’s upper portion).
  • Put your index finger at your nostril bottom.
  • Then draw a line joining the fingers.
  • The same line appears as your cheekbone.

If your cheekbones are on the right side, right below eye sockets and above the eye sockets, then you’ve got high cheekbones. If it is located close to the bridge of the nose in the lower part in the bridge of your nose then you have low cheekbones.

How can you achieve stunning cheekbones that are chiseled?

There are many ways to have gorgeous cheekbones. In general, cheekbones with a high profile are thought to be a sign of beauty.

With plastic surgery

Many women develop large cheekbones due to plastic surgeries. The surgeon cuts tiny cuts in the skin that lifts the cheekbones. There are a variety of side negative effects. If the woman undergoes any other facial surgery it could cause harm to the epidermal tissue of the skin. It’s quite an expensive method.

Silicone implant

In this case, there is a solid implant of silicone is placed beneath the skin layer by tiny cuts. It appears like an increase in cheek bone. It typically lasts from 6 months to one year.

Dermal Fillers

They are injected into the skin and fill cheekbones that are not used. They typically last for one to two months. After that, they’re taken up by skin cells. The most popular names of dermal fillers include Juvederm, Restylane, and Zyplast.

In the form of makeup

Make your cheekbones appear more prominent or appear more attractive. You need simple makeup. For contouring the face, you’ll require an eyeshadow, blusher or bronzer.

First, apply the bronzer about 2-3 shades darker in comparison to your natural skin. Apply it lightly under the cheekbones using a suction technique on your cheeks. Then, use your brush horizontally towards the end of your eyebrow. The brush should be positioned from the hairline until this point, but not much more than this.

Apply foundation or concealer over the bronzer the same way. Then, apply blush to it to create an natural appearance.

Apply a highlighter it on the cheekbone’s top lightly using the brush. Your cheekbones have been elevated, giving you a fresh look. This technique is simple and cost-effective. There are many videos about contouring that are available on YouTube.

Face Exercises

There are a variety of exercises that can raise your cheekbones.

Shape X

First, shape your lips into o pronunciation. This will give you an X-shaped face. You should hold this pose for at most 40 minutes. Repeat it 3-4 times.

Fish face

Take a bite of your cheeks and then fold your lips to appear like a fish’s face. Stay in this position for at minimum 10 seconds.

Puffy face

In this case, fill the cheeks with air and close the lips and then puff air from one cheek to the one cheek to the. Would you be able to do this for a while?

Clown face

Fill the air, then close your lips gently. Then, smile with a peak. Keep this posture for 2 or 3 minutes.

In addition to additional benefits, you can raise your cheekbones and chins by drinking lots of water. This will cleanse every trace of skin.

By Mewing

Orthodontists are Dr. Mew believes that it is possible to alter the cheekbones’ position by correcting your position, i.e., Mewing. For instance, you could gradually change the maxilla (the central facial bone shown depicted below) upwards and forwards. When the maxilla moves it will follow the cheekbones since both bones are connected to one another.


In the end, there are a variety of cheekbones. The high cheekbones look more appealing of them all. The cheekbones can be made appear more prominent or more lifted with makeup techniques and other ways to create more attractive beautiful, stylish, and gorgeous appearances.

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